Apparel & Tips

Welcome to the Cross Creek Stables family! We are looking forward to meeting you for your introductory lesson. Below, you will find a list of helpful, pertinent information in regards to your time at the barn.

We now have a partnership with Land’s End

You may now purchase polos, sweatshirts, jackets, etc., all with the CCS logo! We are very excited to have you with us at Cross Creek, and look forward to helping your rider learn and grow with horses. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

For your first lesson

  • Please complete a liability release before arriving. The electronic waiver can be filled out on our Riding Lessons section.
  • Remember that we accept cash or check for payment, no credit/debit cards.
  • Dress your rider in jeans or long pants, and a closed-toe/closed-heel shoe. Shorts and sandals are not acceptable, as they pose a safety risk. Tennis shoes, or similar footwear, protect the rider’s feet from the barn environment. Long pants protect a rider’s legs from friction caused while riding.
  • A properly fitted bicycle helmet may be brought from home, but CCS has plenty of approved riding helmets for new riders to borrow.

After first month of lessons

After your rider has completed their first month of lessons, it is time to consider purchasing horseback riding attire. Please ask your instructor about our inventory of consignment boots!

  • A personal helmet, properly adjusted and fitted to only one child is the best way to ensure a rider’s safety. Approved helmets can be purchased from Hartmeyer Saddlery.
  • Hard-soled English paddock boots should be the next purchase made. Proper boots help a rider immensely by giving support that a flexible-soled tennis shoe cannot provide. It is important that English boots are purchased, not Western. Often, Western-style boots are too wide to fit safely in an English stirrup. Also, the soles of a Western boot are too slick to give the rider adequate grip on the stirrups. Approved boots are listed below:

After second month of lessons

Following the second month of lessons, the last few pieces of a rider’s attire should be procured. Please ask your instructor about our inventory of consignment pants!

  • Proper Kentucky style jodhpurs, or pants, keep the rider comfortable while in the saddle. They are designed specifically for saddleseat riding, with reinforced knee patches, and a higher rise, allowing the rider to focus on their lesson, not pulling their pants up. Low-rise jods are to be avoided. Approved riding pants are listed below:
  • A riding whip is a fantastic aid for a rider, when properly used. If your child wishes to have his/her personal crop, it can be purchased here. Riders 10 years of age and under may only use a 24” whip, riders 11 and older may use a 31” whip. No child is permitted to carry a whip over 31”. Please see your instructor with questions regarding proper whip length.
  • Riding gloves protect your rider’s hands from blisters/calluses as well as from cold weather. Gloves are required when showing at barn shows, so it is a good idea for kids to get used to using gloves in their regular lessons. Buying black gloves is recommended, because black is the only approved color for barn shows. This saves you from having to purchase multiple pairs of gloves. Approved gloves are listed below:

After 3-6 months of lessons

As your child reaches the 3 to 6 month mark in his/her riding career, purchasing their own stirrup leathers and stirrup irons is recommended. Having personal leathers and irons allows for a more custom fit while riding, providing a more stable foundation for the skills performed in their lessons. Please see your instructor about stirrup iron and stirrup leather options. A personal saddle is also an option, please consult with your instructor.